Friday, 24 July 2015

AV Comparatives Test Lab: Experienced Mac User To A Virus Scanner

Experienced Mac users can watch what they download a virus scanner, according to the Austrian test lab AV-Comparatives . The test lab decided to test ten virus for Mac OS X on the detection of malware. In addition, specimens were taken for both Mac and Windows, because the Mac virus indicate that they can also detect Windows malware.

The reason is that Mac computers can also get in touch with Windows malware, for example in the case of e-mail attachments or USB sticks. What is striking about the test, the amount of malware which has been tested. In the case of Mac malware is about 105 newly discovered specimens, while the most prevalent malware specimens were used for Windows. In other tests of AV-Comparatives for Windows be used thousands of malware examples, but the number for Mac is so low that the counter remains stabbing at 105.

Of the ten scanners able to detect seven parcels 100% of all Mac malware, while a similar number this occurs in the Windows malware. Avast, AVG, ESET, Kaspersky and Sophos are the scanners that detect all malware in both areas. When it comes to Windows malware are the only F-Secure (28%) and Intego (50%) who stabbing drop in the detection of Windows malware.Meanwhile, all the anti-virus companies have their signatures updated to missed malware are detected.

The question remains whether Mac users now need a virus scanner. "Experienced and responsible Mac users to be careful with the programs they install and where they get which can reasonably argue that they do not risk running Mac malware," said AV-Comparatives. The lab says that users who are not experts, children and users with regular software experiment there can take advantage of to use a Mac virus scanner.

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