Saturday, 25 July 2015

FBI Launches Campaign Against Economic Espionage

The FBI in the United States a campaign launched to warn companies and research institutes for economic espionage. According to the investigation department of industrial espionage is a growing threat that causes more damage. The exact damage is difficult to determine, but the losses are "substantial" amount and possibly hundreds of billions of dollars annually, according to the FBI.

They are mostly foreign competitors and countries that trade secrets, manufacturing methods, innovations and insights in trade and labor disputes  search. The FBI would not only see an increase in the attempts to steal company secrets, but the way is getting nastier too. "We had cases where people literally warehouses and factories within walking to steal trade secrets," said Randall Coleman, deputy director of the FBI's Counterintelligence Division. "It is shocking to see how much effort they do to steal information."

The companies would use different ways to sit behind the espionage attacks to steal information from US companies. Thus, current and former foreign employees of US companies and research institutes contacted. In addition, "technical operations" conducted as computer hacking, searching bins and bribing staff. Finally go on seemingly innocent business relationships with US companies in order to make economic information as booty.

The FBI gives American companies and organisations also advice how to protect their business and trade secrets. This relates to matters such as ongoing security training for staff to draw up a plan to protect business secrets and implement physical security measures. There is also a 36 minute video made ​​based on a real case, which tries to make the threat clear.

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