Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Zero-Day Vulnerability In Flash Player Active Attacked - Update

The vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player which the Italian developer of government spyware Hacking Team disposal is now actively used to infect internet users with malware. Recently, an attacker managed to break in Hacking Team in there and made some 400GB of data booty.

Among the files an exploit was discovered a vulnerability in Flash Player for which no security exists a so-called 'zero-day'.Anti-virus firm Malwarebytes and researcher JuK of the blog Malware Do not Need Coffee now now report that several exploit kits about the exploit to have discovered by Hacking Team Flash Player flaw.

Exploit kits are programs that cyber criminals can infect Internet users through unpatched vulnerabilities in popular software.Thereby running Internet using Adobe Flash Player now a high risk of becoming infected with malware. Visiting a hacked or malicious Web site or see getting an infected ad is sufficient to run an infection.

Emergency Patch

Adobe yesterday evening let know that there are expected today to emergency patch will appear. The notice is still no reports that the vulnerability is also actively attacked. Google Chrome users seem to be already protected against the vulnerability. Yesterday, Google published because a new version of Google Chrome. Details on changes Google is not announced, but discovered that the embedded Flash Player in the browser but was upgraded to a version that is not vulnerable according to Adobe.

Update 12:38

Adobe has released the emergency patch already released . This is version for Windows and Mac users, while version for the Linux version of Chrome is available. For the Linux version of Firefox, version appeared. The update will be rolled out in most cases via the automatic update function, but can also be downloaded manually from .

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