Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Anti-Virus Company: Adobe Flash Player Is Just Like Smoking

The use of Adobe Flash Player is similar to smoking, people know that it is bad for them, but can not always stop, according to the Japanese anti-virus company Trend Micro. Last week, three vulnerabilities in the browser plug-in discovered, two of which are used by cyber criminals to infect computers with malware. The vulnerabilities were discovered by the Italian Hacking Team.

A company with forty employees. "As a relatively small company like Hacking Team can find these types of vulnerabilities, consider the tools that other parties, including countries dispose of. Previously, we only had suspicions about the extent of this problem. Now we have a better idea of the risk, "said analyst Martin Roesler . He notes that disappears in an ideal world Flash in its current form. Whether it is replaced by a technology such as HTML5, or Adobe finds a way to protect the software. According Roesler it is unlikely that this will happen.

"Despite the risks, people continue to use it as security alone is not sufficient reason not to do it." Makers of Web sites still use Flash, allowing users need the plug-in. Roesler calls therefore on end users to remove Flash Player if it is not needed, or click to set to play in. In this case, an extra mouse click required to activate the plug-in. In addition, companies are advised not to use Flash when developing new websites. Also Alex Stamos , the new head of security at Facebook, made ​​a call earlier that Adobe Flash has to stop so that there can be switched to HTML5.

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