Friday, 17 July 2015

IPhone Users Target Fraudulent Crash Message

Owners of an iPhone are still the target of popups fraudulent crash reports and scammers have already moved their operations to the UK. The last few months, especially American iOS users got to see the message on their device.

Meanwhile, there are also reports that British users see the messages, so let the Daily Mail know. The pop-ups using JavaScript, so it is impossible to close the browser in the normal way. According to the report in the pop-up iOS crashed and should be contacted directly with the "support staff." The telephone number of scammers who argue that there needs to be paid to fix it. It is a sum of 43 euros to British victims must deal and 73 euro prompted to Americans.

In addition, the scammers ask for the credit card information of their victims. On the Apple forum in recent months dozens of topics and responses to find people who report to you got . Users who have to deal with the pop-up to close Safari by tapping twice on the home button and then clear the browser history, as Apple on this page explains. What kind of websites users come into contact with the pop-ups is unknown.

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