Friday, 10 July 2015

Hacking Team Warns Leaked Software

The Italian developer of government spyware Hacking Team, which was recently the victim of a major burglary, has issued a warning for the software that was stolen at the company and has appeared online.According to the Italian company has sufficient code captured by which malicious attack other Internet users.

"For Hacking Team could determine the attack who had access to the technology, which was only sold to governments and government agencies." Through the work of criminals were now "terrorists, extortionists and others" to use the technology, according to the warning from the company. It is the first reaction to the incident Hacking Team via the website has brought out. According to the Italian company, the resulting situation is very dangerous. Hacking Team would also check whether it is possible to reduce the risk.

In addition, the company expects that will take anti-virus companies measures. Hacking Team develops software that allows investigators computers of suspects can control remotely. Because of the incident investigation services were requested to make temporary use of the software. Meanwhile, we are working on an update so that investigators can monitor the systems that have been infected with software Hacking Team again.

Furthermore, the Italian company has denied the reports that backdoors are present in the software that can control it. "That's just not true. Our customers use the technology on their own computer, and are therefore customers need to take action to cease operations," the statement said.

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