Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Google And Anti-Virus Companies Warn Of uTorrent

Both Google and several anti-virus companies warn users that the popular program uTorrent is harmful.Through the software, users can exchange all types of files. UTorrent is free to use and generates revenue through advertising and bundled software.

Globally, it would be used by more than 100 million people. Several anti-virus companies but now warn of the software because the Open Candy-adware is bundled with uTorrent. Altogether now give seven different virus scanners, including ESET, Symantec and G Data, a warning, let VirusTotal see. According to TorrentFreak , it is unprecedented that so many different anti-virus companies stumble uTorrent.


Google also shows users have come to warn the torrent software. Who uTorrent via download Google Chrome gets a message that the software is potentially harmful and therefore blocked. Users must then indicate themselves that they want to maintain the software to complete the download.

In addition, Chrome also allows for different websites uTorrent see a warning that the website "malicious programs".Recently, Google had already announced that it tougher against unwanted software will occur and that Chrome users will be more likely to see warnings. The warning for uTorrent is part of this, let a spokesperson.

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