Saturday, 25 July 2015

Speed ​​Network For Internet Anonymously Unveiled

Scientists have unveiled a high-speed network that users can go online anonymously and that mass surveillance will be available. The network is called HORNET ( pdf ), which stands for High Speed ​​Onion Routing at the Network Layer. Because the running at the network layer, there are, according to the scientists, all kinds of applications are possible. To protect the privacy of users is made ​​use of symmetric cryptography. It does this in a way that HORNET nodes, the computers where the network consists of, can process at a rate of 93GB / s traffic.

At present, there are already several solutions for Internet users to protect their anonymity on the Web, such as the Tor network, which has over 2 million users a day. The speed of the Tor network can not be perfect. According to scientists, is well suited for Tor anonymous communication, but its scalability and network performance problems. The more people Tor to use, the more nodes are to be added in order to maintain the speed of the network.

The scientists therefore looked for a solution that did scalable. In doing so HORNET agreements with Tor (The Onion Router).They both use onion routing, where traffic runs on multiple nodes to protect the identity of users. In the case of HORNET have to store the nodes in the middle of the network, less information about the connection, so that they can exchange traffic faster in theory. For the time being, however, the only paper in which the scientists describe the new anonymity network.

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