Friday, 17 July 2015

Trainee Security Company FireEye Suspected Of Cyber Crime

A trainee of the American security company FireEye is suspected by the US government to develop and distribute Android malware. The 20-year-old man Dendroid the malware could have developed. With this malware, it is possible to infect Android devices and to control remotely. According to the indictment , the trainee would Dendroid-malware offered by the Darkode Forum, yesterday by the FBI offline was extracted.

The man is studying at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and was twice an intern at FireEye. There he was engaged in researching Android malware. In a statement to CNN FireEye confirms that the trainee is indeed indicted by US authorities and that his training has been discontinued for the time being. There is now an investigation into the activities of the man's place. According to CNN, there are concerns that the intern has compromised software FireEye and has the knowledge and tools of the company used to commit cyber crime.

Anti-virus firms Symantec and Trend Micro warned in the past for the Dendroid malware, which attackers full access to can get an Android device. Then data from the device can be stolen and it is possible to listen in on calls and take pictures.Dendroid was for a sum of $ 300 on forums offered for cyber criminals.

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