Sunday, 1 November 2015

IBM: Businesses Need Flash Apps Replaced By HTML5

Companies that offer Flash applications are wise to that HTML5 to convert, since the call for an internet browser without plug-ins is getting stronger, says David Strom IBM. Strom pointing to newer versions of Chrome and Firefox that no longer support the old NPAPI plug-sustaining nature. The main reasons for this are security and performance issues.

Recently, Mozilla announced that it is supporting the Java browser plug-in will cease altogether. However, there is a plug-in that is still supported, and that's Adobe Flash Player. Increasingly parties, however, are calling for an alternative, so that Internet users do not need more plug-ins to view online content or use. So pleaded Facebook CSO Alex Stamos before the end of the Flash technology.

According to Strom, this is not a new trend, since the appearance of the first Apple iPad without Flash support organizations have attempted to create websites with HTML5, the intended successor of Flash. This year, however, HTML5 can make its breakthrough, according to security evangelist at IBM. He argues that the time has come for organizations and companies for their Flash based apps to HTML5 to convert.

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