Tuesday, 3 March 2015

AVG Develops Privacy Glasses To Face

Since appearing in more and more places cameras and face increasingly develops it can be useful for people to take action here. Therefore, the Czech anti-virus company AVG has developed a real privacy glasses trying to prevent facial recognition.

The virus fighter points to the use of smart phones in public places, so the chance that pictures of someone ending up online.Photos that soon by Internet like Google and Facebook can be identified. The privacy glasses which was demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona used two ways to counter face. The first is the use of infrared light, allowing cameras faces could no longer recognize.

The second method is the use of "retro-reflective" materials. These materials reflect the major part of the light back to the sensor, which is a problem for the digital camera can be. A disadvantage of this approach is that it only works when photos are taken with a flash. When the privacy glasses really appears on the market is unknown. For now there is only a prototype of the glasses available.

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