Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Anti-virus company: Europol Operation Failed Against Botnet

The operation against the Ramnit botnet that Europol several European investigative services and security last week performed partly failed, causing hundreds of thousands of computers controlled by cybercriminals, according to the Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web.

In the operation were seized hundreds of domains that the botnet used to communicate with infected computers, as well as different servers. The Ramnit malware did over a period of almost five years in total to infect 3.2 million computers. The last half year were approximately 500,000 computers have been infected with the malware.

Doctor Web suggests that there are several variations of Ramnit are active, including one which since September 2011 has been announced. This version can steal all kinds of passwords and FTP programs would have on hundreds of thousands of computers are active every day. "Despite the message in the media about a successful operation against the Ramnit botnet, our analysts have no decrease seen botnets that monitors the anti-virus laboratory," the anti-virus company.

According to researchers from the virus fighter would definitely twelve Ramnit botnets operate. Two of these botnets exist together from more than 500,000 infected computers. "The figures show that the parties behind the operation to destroy the botnet Ramnit evidently not been able to turn off all servers of this botnet," as the researchers conclude whatsoever.

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