Monday, 9 March 2015

CIA Goes Next Years Increase Cyber Capabilities

The CIA in the coming years increasing cyber capabilities, so as to be prepared for the future. That CIA Director John Brennan in a " blueprint for the future "to know. According to Brennan must because of the changing threats to national security and the impact of technological developments more attention to the digital domain.

In order to achieve this are set out in the blueprint four themes. First, there must invest in people, both talent and leadership development, says Brenner. The second pillar for the future of the CIA focuses on the digital revolution. "We need our business and operations in the digital domain at the core of our businesses have been," Brennan says. To achieve this, a new leadership position, who will oversee the "cyber integration" within the CIA. Brenner suggests further third point that the intelligence to modernize the process.

"The speed of world developments and technological changes require that the CIA leaders flexible, able to take on the appropriate level, with the right information and in the interest of the organization decisions. The last pillar Brennan argues for better integration of the possibilities available to CIA offers. Thus, special mission centers operational, analytical, technical and digital personnel for key safety issues come together. When not know the blueprint must be performed exactly Brenner left.

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