Monday, 9 March 2015

Malware Infected Xiaomi Smartphone Appears Counterfeiting

Last week there was a fuss about Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi standard that malware would be delivered, but now it is confirmed that it is a counterfeit device. Bluebox security company published last Thursday a blog posting about malware that was found on the Xiaomi Mi 4 LTE smartphone. The company had bought the unit in China.

When scanning of the apps on the smartphone was found one suspect app, allowing users of information risk could walk.Initially the Chinese smartphone manufacturer would not have responded to the findings of Bluebox. After publication of the research did however a response, which the company claimed that there was possibly purchased a manipulated device.

Bluebox had purchased over the phone namely a physical supplier, while Xiaomi China does not sell equipment through "third-party" parties. The aircraft would only online and through the shops of telecom providers are offered. Then again Bluebox responded with criticism, because it was apparently possible for stores or anyone in the distribution chain to adjust the devices.

After an extensive testing on the basis of all kinds of pictures is now been established that it is a counterfeit Mi 4. The unit was so well imitated that it initially also managed to circumvent a special app Xiaomi for detecting counterfeit devices. The latest version of the app can now detect the counterfeit version.

According Bluebox let the incident shows how important it is for companies to take researchers reports seriously and work together. Further notes the security of the supply chain, where it happens that consumers compromised smartphones can purchase. Finally, the tools to identify counterfeit goods must be improved.

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