Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Cybercriminals Steal 491,000 Dollars Through Infected Email

Cyber ​​criminals have to steal 491,000 dollars know of an American town in Florida by infected e-mail attachments to multiple officials, different ones also opened the file. The infection started when an officer opened the first infected email. Similar messages were then sent to other officials, who also opened the attachment. "They thought they received a file that they had to open," said City Manager Jim Hanson opposite the Florida Times Union .

The malware sent the login details for online banking back to the cybercriminals. With this data, the attackers knew then gain access to the online bank account and made 491,000 dollars to an account at Deutsche Bank. "Our employees were within 30 minutes by what had happened," said Hanson. The incident took place on Friday, February 13th, but has only now become known.

After workers robbery on Friday had discovered was called immediately the bank to reverse the transaction. On Tuesday, the bank could reverse the transaction and received the town of about 8,400 residents returned the money, let First Coast News know. According to Hanson, measures have been taken to tighten security. "One lesson we have learned is that your employees have to learn to not open an attachment unless that is expected, even if you think you know the sender," Hanson says. "It may just be a virus."

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