Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Malware Explores Home Network Via Router Attack

Researchers have discovered a mysterious instance of malware that attacks the router from infected computers, then bring it home network card and the malware is removed again. It is the Vice Pass Trojan, which occurs at sites like Flash Player update.

When users download the so-called update and open the Trojan is installed. Once active attempts Vice Pass to log in via a list of predefined user names and passwords and a specific range of IP addresses on the router. Then looks malware or other devices are connected to the router, such as iPhones, iPads, LaserJet and Xbox consoles. Once the scan is performed, the malware sends the results back to the attackers and then deletes itself.

Researchers at antivirus company Trend Micro think the Trojan probably "scout" is used for larger campaigns. "The collection of information may be the first step of larger attacks," said analyst Lu Kenney. The collected information could for example be used for cross-site request forgery attacks. "What is the real purpose, this malware shows how important it is to protect devices, even those not obvious target," said Lu. Users will also be advised to change the standard nature credentials of their router.

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