Friday, 6 March 2015

Hacker Circumvents Iris Scanner With Pictures From Google Images

A well-known German hacker who has already a fingerprint of German Chancellor Angela Merkel was able to get will this month at the CanSecWest security conference show how with pictures from Google Images can circumvent an iris scanner. Jan Krissler, aka "Starbug" knew in 2013 even though TouchID to beat Apple. Now the German researcher focused on the Panasonic BM-ET200 authenticam.

The product is no longer sold, but is still in use in many places. To deceive the system, the pictures have to meet several conditions. For example, the eyes should be bright because of the way it uses infrared light-based system. The image should be large and clear enough, so let Krissler opposite Forbes know. Something that the investigator is no obstacle. "We managed to deceive a commercial system with a print of an iris diameter of 75 pixels."

Furthermore, the print should have a resolution of 1200 dpi. Google Images and other places to find pictures of irises in high resolutions. Krissler example was an election poster of Merkel with an iris diameter of 175 pixels. According authentication expert Per Thorsheim iris scanners are currently a "nice gimmick", but not yet ready for the general public. Nevertheless demonstrated various parties, such as ZTE and Fujitsu , this week at the Mobile World Congress oogverificatie- and iris authentication systems.

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