Saturday, 7 March 2015

Ransomware Spreads Via Malicious Help Files

Cyber ​​criminals have been distributed in the Netherlands emails containing malicious help files that contain the CryptoWall-ransomware. Before that warns the Romanian antivirus company BitDefender. The e-mails contain a .chm file as an attachment. This stands for Microsoft Compressed HTML Help, and is the successor to the help files in Windows.

Chm files are highly interactive and can contain various technologies, such as JavaScript. This makes it possible to automatically download a file when the .chm file is opened. According to analyst Catalin Cosoi is a logical choice for cybercriminals to use chm files. "The less user interactions, the greater the risk of infection." In addition, users will these files may not be regarded as suspect.

The e-mails in question occur among others as e-mail messages from a fax machine. Once opened the ransomware can encrypt files on the computer and then asks for a certain amount of users to decrypt them. According Bitdefender however the attackers with this spam run would have to provide companies and attempting to infiltrate corporate networks. Over the past several months, let companies know that they are the victim of ransomware became.

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