Wednesday, 4 March 2015

IOS App Scans Password And Security Of WiFi Routers

Anti-virus company Avast at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona announced an app for iPhones and iPads that checks the security of Wi-Fi networks. The free app searches for Wi-Fi networks in the area and then determine whether they are safe. Thus, among other things, to see whether the Wi-Fi router that the wifi connection offers used weak passwords, the WiFi network is encrypted and whether vulnerabilities are present in the router that attackers can exploit.

In the case of unprotected Wi-Fi networks put the SecureMe app a secure VPN connection. Make in case users with an open Wi-Fi network connection, this VPN connection will be switched automatically. The app is free, but whether this also applies to the VPN part is unclear. Avast will first organize a beta test of the app before it appears in the App Store.

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