Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Google Makes Encryption In Android Lollipop Not Required

Late last year announced the first-ever Google Android version that data on smartphones and tablets standard would encrypt, but now the Internet giant seems this measure does not oblige manufacturers.Android 5.0, better known as Lollipop, would "encryption by default" application.

Once users would turn on their device for the first time would be automatic data encryption. A measure that Google criticized investigators came to be, because this would complicate the fight against crime and terrorism. Ars Technica discovered that several Lollipop sets, including demonstration copies of the Samsung Galaxy S6 this week at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona can be seen, no default encryption application.

It also showed that Google earlier this year the guidelines for manufacturers regarding the proper implementation of Lollipop had adjusted devices. The document dated 11 January ( pdf ) is full-disk encryption is highly recommended, but not required.Google however, that the measure is likely to be required somewhere in future versions. One possible reason to drop the requirement is the load for the device, which would slow down by the continuous encryption. Whether this is the real reason is unknown. Namely Google has not yet written a comment.

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