Sunday, 1 March 2015

Microsoft Allows Users To Download Windows 7 ISO

Microsoft has launched a new website where users with a valid license can download a full version of Windows 7, for example, if they have no CD or want to install the operating system from a USB stick.However, this is only the "retail versions" of Windows 7.

These are versions which are sold in retail stores, among other things. Computers that are supplied as standard with Windows 7 use in most cases, an OEM version and who can not use the " Microsoft Software Recovery download "website. To download users must first give up their license the ISO file, after which the language as well as a 32-bit or 64-bit version can be selected. The ISO is then burn to a CD, but there is also a special Microsoft tool to convert the ISO to a USB stick.

Microsoft points to the site to another page where users ISO files from Windows 8.1 can download without specifying the license key. The difference is that windows 7 without a license key can be installed, after which the operating system 30 days is to be used fully. Windows 8.1, however, install only with a valid license.

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