Thursday, 5 March 2015

Microsoft Criticizes Silent Install Monitoring Software

Makers of monitoring software to ensure that their software does not quietly be installed remotely. They must also warn users that they are monitored, says Microsoft. The software giant has several social engineering campaigns seen where Internet users are tempted to download all kinds of "games" from download sites.

The games, however, are equipped with monitoring software that attackers on the computers of their victims late watch.Microsoft security software would have been more than 70,000 infected downloads blocked which was trying to install monitoring software. This mainly involves downloads of Brazilian, American and Russian users. According to Microsoft's monitoring software is not wrong by definition. Parents can use the example to see what their children are doing on the computer and the Internet.

However, there are measures that developers of monitoring software and "parental control software" can be taken to prevent abuse of their programs. So users should be informed by clear messages that they are monitored. In addition, install or install silently on distance should be possible only by system administrators. Furthermore, the developers have user agreements drafting complying with local laws, for example, is used in the event monitoring software on public computers, or if the owner of the computer does not agree with the agreement.

Microsoft notes that Internet users also can arm, by being careful when opening emails and social media messages from unknown users to be careful when downloading software that is not from the website of the developers comes regularly for viruses to be carried out.

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