Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Ransomware Encrypts PC And Server Firm

An American law firm has customers warned that the end of January a workstation and server ransomware became infected, so customer data was encrypted. By paying a certain amount of data could be decrypted, but the law firm decided not to do so. "That would be the illegal activities of this kind of criminals only encourage and finance."

By the law firm hired experts reported that the ransomware in question, a "Crypto Locker-like virus", basically steal files from infected systems. The law firm also says it has no evidence that there are actually data copied, but will enable a forensic expert to confirm this. The firm possessed in their own words about backups, reducing the amount of data lost "at least" would be.

On the computer of some clients were the social security number, driver's license number or identification card number, account number, credit or debit card number, medical information, including information regarding the medical history of a person and health insurance. Besides alerting duped clients says the law firm also took measures to prevent recurrence. How ransomware managed to infect the computer will not let the office know.

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