Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Pentagon Gets Green Light To Hire 3,000 Cyber Experts

The US Department of Defense has the green light given to believe 3000 cyber experts. The security professionals covered by the US Cyber ​​Command and will deal with carrying out cyber attacks on enemies and protecting American networks.

The pay scale for the new features starts at over $ 42,000 and runs through to $ 132,000. The Pentagon can assess candidates on dropping traditional competitive criteria and immediately offer a job based on a person's skills and knowledge.These include for analyzing malware, perform strategic analysis, setting up cyber exercises and detect vulnerabilities.

Last Wednesday showed Lieutenant General Edward Cardon, head of the US Cyber ​​Command, still know that recruiting and retaining cyber talent because of the federal compensation restrictions and the slow application process was a challenge.Vice Admiral John Tighe, head of the Cyber ​​Command of the US Navy, added on to clarify that if the US economy improves, it will be difficult to find and retain cyber soldiers. To a committee of the House Armed Services he asked also for more money, says Defense One .

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