Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Seagate Mentions Hacking NAS Unlikely

Owners of a Seagate NAS do not have to worry that their system will be hacked through a leak that recently public was made ​​and for which no update available yet, so the hard drive manufacturer to know.Early this month, a researcher revealed a vulnerability allowing attackers Business Seagate NAS systems that can take over connected to the internet.

An Internet scan yielded 2500 potentially vulnerable NAS systems. The researcher had the problem reported in early October last year to Seagate, but the manufacturer did not come with an update. Ultimately, the researchers then decided to publish the details. Yet there is no reason to worry, says Seagate. An attack on vulnerable NAS systems by the manufacturer's own website labeled a "unlikely scenario."

However, the manufacturer will come early May with an update to correct the detected problems. In addition Seagate advises clients how they can prevent their NAS is exposed to possible attacks. It boils down to UPnP port forwarding must be disabled. In case there is manual port forwarding selected forwarding HTTP and HTTPS must be turned off to the NAS.

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