Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Zero-day Attack Infected Thousands Flash Users

An attack campaign in late January and early February took place and two zero-day vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player made ​​use has infected thousands Flash Users. To attack the leak with Flash User made ​​the cyber criminals use of contaminated ads.

Once a website showed an infected ad, visitors could get infected that had installed Flash Player. In this case the Bedep malware installed on computers. Bedep is a backdoor that gives attackers full control over the computer. While the malware was announced on the attack early this year, the first copies were observed in November last year.

Anti-virus company Trend Micro has identified more than 7,600 victims who were infected with Bedep. The malware does not only make use of vulnerabilities in software, which would also piggyback other software. Most Bedep victims, however, are the result of the zero-day attacks in late January and early February, according to Trend Micro. It is said to be more than half of all infections. Once active Bedep used infected computers to commit fraud and ad click and install additional malware.

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