Sunday, 5 July 2015

Critical Vulnerabilities In Tor And Tails Corrected

There are new versions of Tor Browser and Tails appeared, two programs for people who want to protect their privacy and anonymity on the Internet, where critical vulnerabilities are fixed. Users also have strongly advised to upgrade, since users of Tor Browser still using an old version surfed in the past been the target of attacks, their actual IP address was traced .

Via Tor Browser, users can easily hide their IP address. The browser consists of a modified version Firefox and software to connect to the network-Tor. This week a new version of Firefox, allowing the developers of Tor Browser also had to release a new version. Tor Browser 4.5.3 also includes a new version of OpenSSL and NoScript Torbutton, as well as a fix for a bug that allowed the browser crash and a patch to improve the usability of Tor Browser on websites. Updating via if the update function of the browser.


Users of Tails get urgent advice to Tails 1.4.1 upgrade. Tails is a complete operating system from a DVD or USB stick to use and is totally focused on privacy. It is based on Debian and contains various tools to access the Internet anonymously, including Tor Browser. In the past, for which the new versions of Tor Browser and Tails were not coordinated.

Therefore Tails users could sometimes several weeks stuck with an outdated Tor Browser. Now Tails development team has been waiting for the new Tor Browser, which added to the operating system. In addition, several Debian-related vulnerabilities are resolved. Updating via the Tails website .

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