Monday, 6 July 2015

Disguised As MP3 EXE Get Hundreds Of Clicks Per Day

Drive-by downloads and email attachments are still very popular ways to infect internet users with malware, so get daily also infected many users as they download executable files that they think are mp3s or illegal software.

It mainly involves users who search on Google for example songs. By manipulating the results cyber criminals know their pages with "tracks" to get high in the index of Google and so these users to lure to their website. The songs offered themselves as MP3 files, but in reality .exe files. However, Windows displays the default file extension is not. Once the files may contain malware or potentially unwanted software downloads, warns security company Blue Coat .

Software piracy

Security firm Zscaler recently paid attention even to the same strategy for infecting Internet users, only through so-called illegal software. Again it goes to sites offering exe files that occur for example as popular games, software and drivers. In reality, it is adware / spyware named OutBrowse and Multiplug. The programs collect information about the user and send them back and show unsolicited ads.

According to analyst Chris Mannon the problem lies mainly with the awareness of Internet users "Users know reliable download sites for software such as Flash Player or Skype, but as they search for pirated software and media, any link that promises results suddenly familiar." Mannon also advises users to content that is obtained illegally not to be trusted. "Users make bad decisions if they think the desired content can be obtained free of charge. We recommend downloading illegal content occasionally advise to pay just for the desired media."

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