Thursday, 2 July 2015

Malwarebytes: Also Driver Updaters Are Often Scams

Programs that claim to be able to update drivers on the computer are often scams reason for anti-virus company to Malwarebytes' driver updaters "as potentially unwanted software (PUP) to criticize. The virus fighter would get a lot of complaints from users about these types of programs.

Driver updaters scan the computer and check on missing or new drivers, for example, printers, network cards and video cards. Most computers as Malwarebytes no drivers needed to operate. "Only in some edge cases, updating drivers are handy," as late as the anti-virus company know . Updating drivers including driver updaters advise, Malwarebytes also advises against. The potential benefits would not outweigh the clear disadvantages.

To install the missing drivers that enable the driver updaters users should find the software first or register, which must eventually be paid. In most cases, however, be free to download drivers for consumers. "That is the core of the problem. This driver update programs can sometimes solve a problem by installing a new driver, but in most cases they replace an identical driver and ask for money here," said the virus fighter.

The company's software driver updaters which will behave aggressively, to be appointed by example, certain standard checking checkboxes or bundled surreptitiously, classify as PUP. In this case the software is quarantined. It is ultimately up to the user whether he really wants to remove the driver updater or still want to use. "We can make it clear that these types of programs are scams, but we will not force you not to use them," explains the anti-virus company from. Malwarebytes recently decided even against so-called registry cleaners to act, which also designates it as a scam.

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