Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Researchers Found Vulnerabilities In Antivirus ESET

A researcher from Google has discovered a vulnerability in the security of the Slovak anti-virus company ESET, but a day before the virus fighter problem patched a group of other researchers unveiled a new vulnerability in ESET Smart Security 8.

Last week Google revealed researcher Tavis Ormandy a critical vulnerability which he computers using ESET software without user interaction could remotely take over completely. After being informed ESET came after three days with an update. Ormandy discovered another problem in the security software. This time could an attacker when unpacking a specially prepared Symbian installation cause a heap overflow, and thus execute malicious code on the computer. On June 26, after having been informed within three days, came ESET with an update to address the vulnerability.

Second vulnerability

Another group of researchers called QWERTY Lab discovered a vulnerability in a part of ESET Smart Security 8. Through the leak an attacker can gain the highest privileges in Windows. Then, the virus can be disabled, but it is also possible to bypass Windows access controls and sandboxes, as the researchers claim. As proof, they published a proof-of-concept exploit.According to the researchers, the problem confirmed Smart Security 8 but were also other anti-virus company vulnerable. On June 25, the issue was made ​​public, the researchers decided to inform ESET in advance.

The virus fighter know that the vulnerability found in several earlier versions for Windows is available. The latest version of the security software is not vulnerable. At present we are working on an update for the problem which "fast" should appear, but an exact date could not give ESET. Following the various vulnerabilities requires another investigator when ESET and other anti-virus companies are auditing their products.

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