Wednesday, 1 July 2015

USB Worms Most Active Malware In European Union

Worms that spread via USB drives and shared network drives and folders were in the second half of last year, the most active malware in the European Union, so says Microsoft. Just over 10% of all malware observed in this period by the software giant had come from three worm families. Malware that spreads through exploit kits, which use is made ​​of unpatched vulnerabilities, was much less common.

Is looked specifically at the EU countries shows that Finland, Denmark and Sweden to do with the least infections had. In Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and France, most infections were found. Netherlands also doing very well in the reviews of Microsoft and reached the lowest level in four years. According to Microsoft's Tim Rains is a lot of malware to avoid operating in the EU by keeping computers up-to-date and use security software.

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