Thursday, 24 September 2015

American 'Funda' Spread Malware Via Infected Ads

Cyber criminals are again managed to place infected ads on a very popular website with tens of millions of visitors who attempted to install malware. It is, the US counterpart of Funda which all kinds of real estate is offered.

The website is according to market researcher Alexa at the 101st place of most visited websites in the United States and a 485ste place worldwide. It is estimated that monthly 28 million visitors. The attackers previously infected ads on the English website of eBay, Drudge Report and other major websites were seated according to anti-malware company Malwarebytes also behind this attack. Through advertising network the affected ads were posted on the website.

The ads sent visitors without being noticed this through to a website with the Angler-exploitkit. This exploitkit uses known vulnerabilities include Adobe Flash Player and Internet Explorer to install malware. For whatever it's malware was not disclosed. After being informed, the publisher of and Adspirit off the ads. Internet users whose software was up-to-date were no known risk. Yesterday it became known that criminals a week infected ads on have shown.

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