Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Ransomware Encrypts Servers Australian Sex Shop

Not only hospitals and writers are at risk to be affected by ransomware, also need to be careful sex shops. The owner of the oldest sex shop in the Australian state of Queensland last Friday hit by ransomware which are encrypted servers.

Only when three bitcoins were paid, what with the current exchange rate is about 600 euros, the encrypted data could be decrypted again. "I have to pay, I have no choice, these hackers can get all of our servers, including customer data," says owner Colin Edwards. "If we would try to gain access to our system, they have threatened to destroy it." How computers were infected, the shop owner does not know.

Edwards feels particularly let down by the police. Cops let him know nothing they could do and asked him to make online declaration. "We got an email back that they were very busy and could not tell if they contact," so let him across News Limited know. What customer data are exactly on the servers Edwards has not made ​​clear. Because of the infection, the online store of the sex shop offline.

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