Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Student Makes Website That Identifies Porn Viewers

A Belgian student has created a website that identifies porn viewers to see as to make the risk of the data recorded by the browser. "Whenever we visit a website, there are always small bits of information stored in the local cache," explains Inti The Ceukelaire out.

"On a subsequent visit this data is re-addressed and do you get a faster loading time. If the files significantly faster loading, this indicates that the site has already been visited," the multimedia student at the Erasmus University College Brussels. With the website he wants to show that privacy is not as obvious as users often think. "Some think that the removal of the browsing history is sufficient. Bad luck," he warns (pdf).

Currently supports the test five porn sites. "But the possibilities are endless and are limited not only to pornography. Thus political parties may also consider what competitors you have visited," says De Ceukelaire."Hackers can exploit this information to blackmail unwitting visitors. Then they do not do that with an explicit test, but without the victims knowing it."

According student Aaron Thijs, which last year a similar vulnerability discovered, correcting the problem is not easy. "The functionality is abused, provides a better browsing experience. Efficiency and speed go often to the detriment of safety. It is not just possible to fix this leak completely. Sensitive sites will be unavoidable and necessary." The Ceukelaire advises Internet users to use the incognito or privacy mode browser only access websites that are fully trusted. It should be closed after each browser sessions and require users to regularly empty the cache.

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