Monday, 21 September 2015

Apple Removes Infected Apps From App Store

Apple has malware-infected apps from the App Store removed after investigators here last week warned. The apps were created with an infected version of Xcode, Apple's official tool for developing apps for iOS or OS X.

Several Chinese developers had downloaded an infected version of the development software through unofficial download sites, which then also developed apps became infected. The malware in apps called XcodeGhost is able to send information about the device and apps and can try different ways to steal passwords. Thus the malware on the device can display a warning dialog box where users enter their login details and the contents of the clipboard can be read and modified.

The infected apps were both in the Chinese App Store and the App Stores offered in other countries. "We have the apps from the App Store away that we know that are made ​​with counterfeit software," a spokeswoman told news agency Reuters. "We are working together with the developers to ensure that they use the correct version of Xcode to make their apps again." What iPhone and iPad users can do to see if their device is infected Apple has not said. Also, Apple does not report how many apps it has been removed, but the Chinese security company Qihoo argues that the total of 344 with XcodeGhost infected apps found.

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