Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Developer Citadel Malware Sentenced To 4.5 Years In Prison

A developer of the Citadel malware, making more than 11 million computers were infected, was convicted in the United States to a term of 4.5 years. Citadel was specifically designed to steal money from bank accounts, but was also used to make other data booty.

That lets you know the US Department of Justice. However, it does not seem to be the developer who developed the first version of Citadel. In the statement of the Ministry is mainly spoken that now condemned man Citadel distributed and installed on computers. Citadel was a popular tool among cyber criminals to infect with internet users and steal all kinds of data. Worldwide, hundreds of botnets were active from which existed by Citadel-infected computers.

The computers became infected e-mail attachments and drive-by downloads. Besides using Citadel and managing a Citadel botnet was now the condemned man, a 22-year-old Russian, also accused of providing online help to improve Citadel. The Russian man worked from Russia, but could be when he was arrested in Spain. Citadel would have caused, according to the US Department of Justice more than $ 500 million in damages. In addition to his prison sentence, the man must also pay compensation of $ 322,000.

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