Saturday, 12 September 2015

Gartner: Lost Phone Leading Cause Data Loss

The physical loss of phones and tablets as well as the installation of 'leaking' apps are still the largest mobile threat and main cause of data loss on mobile devices. This enables market researcher Gartner.While the threat has remained the same, the consequences are changed.

Mobile devices now storing more sensitive data and can also access more confidential data. So doctors are increasingly using tablets to handle sensitive patient data. In the financial world, for example traders use their smartphone to exchange sensitive information. If the device gets into the wrong hands and it is not properly secured, this can be the cause of a large data breach.

Regarding the threat of apps, Gartner states that most apps are very intrusive and ask for permission to access contact lists, personal information, and location. Another possibility is that employees use personal file sharing apps for business documents. Most of these apps are not malicious, but offer no protection at company level. According to Gartner, it often leaks apps credentials or have to deal with other security incidents, which could eventually lead to data leakage in the company.


Despite the risks of physical loss and leaky apps, too many companies focus on protecting against malware, according to Gartner. The mobile malware is mainly focused on consumers, and although there are cell attacks that can be used against businesses, these attacks have not yet provided specific incidents. Gartner advises companies also to take various measures to prevent mobile data breaches. So there must first be a company security policy.

This involves rules passcodes, such as length and complexity and the number of login attempts. Also demands are made ​​on current versions of platforms and operating systems. Companies will have models that are no longer supported or prohibit update. It should also jailbreaking and rooting of devices are prohibited, as well as the use of unapproved marketplaces. The emphasis should be on companies to prevent data leakage through physical loss or leaking apps, says research director Dionisio Zumerle.

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