Friday, 25 September 2015

Mozilla: Industry Must Understand Adblock Users Better

In recent weeks on the internet between the supporters and opponents of adblockers a fierce debate erupted, but according to Mozilla, it is important that the industry understands why users use such resources on the web.

The answer here is not entirely clear, according to Mozilla's DENELLE Dixon Thayer. The reasons vary by user and device used. Desktop Users would be more focused on their privacy, and performance, while mobile users want to reduce power and data usage. "As an industry, we need to better understand the wishes of users," said Dixon Thayer. The wishes of users and commercial interests are not mutually exclusive. Rather they are both necessary for a healthy web, according to the Chief Legal Officer of Mozilla.

In addition, especially the collection of usage data plays an important role. According to Dixon-Thayer the collection of data is not inherently detrimental. It can also provide all kinds of benefits. However, it is important that users know this and keep control of the data collected. Otherwise, the confidence in the entire system can be lost, which is also at the expense of the proper parties.

Tracking Protection

Mozilla now wants to determine the cause of the problem which has arisen not only by research but also by developing features and products that provide a better balance and increase confidence in the web. In order to find this balance is also required to the input from users. Therefore, users are asked in the latest beta version of Firefox Private Browsing with Tracking Protection test. Through this feature, users have more control over the data collection.

"As an industry, we need to see which places the user in the product vision instead of the user as a goal to be achieved. It is the only way to respect user choices and the best, most trusted and valuable experience offer, "concludes Dixon Thayer.

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