Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Windows User Reports Malware Often Than Mac User

Windows users are more in touch with malware than Mac users, according to research (pdf) from Kaspersky Lab and B2B International among 12,000 consumers worldwide. 45% of consumers surveyed faced the last year at least once with malware.

Windows users was 83%, while 6% of Mac users reported a malware incident. 13% of Android owners came to own say in the last twelve months in touch with malware. Windows users with malware came in contact 89% said they do not know how the infection occurred, but 81% points to visit a suspect or unreliable website. According to 77% of the computer became infected after visiting a hacked website.

According to 78% of the infection was contracted through an infected USB stick, while just over 70% of the debt puts when opening an email attachment. Reduced performance were the main consequences of an infection. 35% of users said that the system after the infection was slow or not working well. 30% were redirected to websites and ads, and 20% had to do with the installation of unwanted software.


33% of malware incidents led to charges by victims. This mainly involves repair costs, the purchase of a virus, recover lost data, purchase a cleaning tool, replacement of damaged parts, purchasing an entirely new system and the payment of ransom to restore access to the system or data to get. On average, the loss $ 160.

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