Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Anti-Virus Company With Molotov Cocktails Attacked

The Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web last year with firebombs attacked after it published an analysis of malware that allows criminals to steal money from ATMs. That the virus fighter on the website announced. In the attacks no injuries.

End December 2013 Doctor Web published an analysis of the "Trojan.Skimer". It went to a Trojan was able to infect a widely used type of ATM and then steal PINs and other card data. Following the publication of the analysis Doctor Web received a threatening email from a group of criminals who called himself "Syndicate". According to the group was the analysis of the anti-virus company threatens the malware criminals and would thus get duped. They gave Doctor Web a week time to verwijdere the analysis, otherwise the company's programmers would be attacked.

March last year was one of the offices of the anti-virus company twice attacked with Molotov cocktails. After the attacks, Doctor Web received a second threatening mail. This time the criminals threatened to destroy all the offices of the company. The Russian virus fighter ignored the threats and allowed the analysis are online. Eventually the office in St. Petersburg was attacked for a third time, let Boris Sharov, CEO of Doctor Web, opposite Brian Krebs know. There were also three times attempted to break into an office in Moscow.

The damage caused by the Molotov cocktails were insignificant, but the fear was there at the staff well, said Sharov. He thinks that the persons who carried out the attacks were hired by the developers of the malware and that it was not the programmers themselves. Doctor Web's analysts believe that the programmers had promised the malware to various criminal gangs, but had not yet delivered. The analysis of the anti-virus company would shortly after the development of the Trojan horse appeared, but before the programmers could deliver malware to their customers, which placed them in a difficult position.

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