Thursday, 24 September 2015

Proton Mail Supports Encrypted Emails From Facebook

The free encrypted email service Proton Mail has a new feature added allowing users now receive encrypted emails from Facebook that are automatically decrypted. To make this possible, PGP encrypted emails from Facebook supported. The social networking site decided in June to send encrypted e-mail notifications support.

Facebook users can add their OpenPGP public key to their profile. This key is then used by Facebook for encrypting the email notifications that are sent to the email address of the user. Facebook has chosen to implement the e-mail encryption for GNU Privacy Guard (GPG), the popular and free implementation of the OpenPGP standard.

Ease of Use

Proton Mail claims to be the first e-mail service that supports the PGP-encrypted e-mails from Facebook now "seamless".This means that PGP-encrypted messages from Facebook automatically open in Proton Mail. Previously internet users had to use PGP in Facebook install the PGP software, keys generate and use different plug-ins. Proton Mail users now only need to key in their public Facebook import. If it is the developers will automate this process in the future.

"If we really want a more private and secure Internet is crucial to work together and we congratulate Facebook for the use of open standards," according to the developers of Proton Mail. "We are pleased that major players such as Facebook support these efforts and as more companies will join in the movement to improve online privacy not stop." Proton Mail was developed with the help of scientists from Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the European research lab CERN.

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