Tuesday, 22 September 2015

India Protects Online Banking And Social Media In Encryption Law

The Indian Government under pressure online banking, social media and online shopping a new encryption law excepted. Recently the Indian government published a draft version of the bill (pdf),where citizens and businesses to October 16 this year to respond.

The policy Indians required to store a decrypted version of encrypted data 90 days, and their visible for making intelligence services. There was a storm of criticism, because a large part of the internet presence of encryption use. For example, the popular chat app WhatsApp encrypts data, as well as banks for online banking. Therefore, there is now for this type of service made ​​an exception, reports the BBC.

The bill also proposes that service both within and outside India who use encryption must first sign an agreement with the Indian government before they are allowed to offer such services in India. In addition, the bill states that the Indian government will prescribe the allowable encryption algorithms and key lengths.

According Pranesh Prakash, director of the Center for Internet and Society in Bangalore, the proposal is a bad idea coming from people who do not understand encryption. He also finds it strange that the bill not "sensitive government" applies. "What the government should do is to establish minimum encryption standards for government use, but here the opposite happens," said Prakash across the India Times.

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