Monday, 14 September 2015

Firefox Displays Ads When Opening New Tab

Mozilla has started displaying ads to Firefox users as they open a new tab in the browser, so the browser developer via a blog posting disclosed. The ads appear in the form of "Suggested tiles".These are ads that are based on the user's browsing habits. This would be taken into account with the users of privacy.

To make the ads relevant is a limited amount of data sent to Mozilla there. Since then it is analyzed and shared with the partners of Mozilla. According to the developer, the browser via Suggested Tiles possible to display relevant ads that users' privacy is respected and he or she is in control of the data.

The first partners who advertise via Suggested Tiles is now gone live, said Darren Herman, Vice President of Content Services at Mozilla. It involves Yahoo and several new titles including well-known Fortune Magazine and quartz, as well as "mission-oriented" partners such as Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. According to Herman, these parties are chosen because they add value to Firefox.

Mozilla is not paid for displaying the advertisements of those parties. Therefore, the advertisements are only labeled "Suggested" instead of "Sponsored". According to Herman should improve the tiles eventually advertise digitally, both increase by transparency in the industry and to ensure that users understand what is happening and how they control this themselves. So Firefox users via a single click of tiles showing off in a new tab.

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