Friday, 11 September 2015

Experts Praise New Security In iOS 9

Several security experts are very positive about the new security features that Apple added to iOS nine. The new version of the mobile operating system must next Wednesday sixteenth september appear.Besides new security features is also underway.

According to David Richardson of mobile security firm Lookout is the new way apps "sideloaded" can be a major security gains. Apple offers companies and developers the ability to install via "enterprise / ad-hoc provisioning" apps. For this, Apple will give special certificates from which applications can be signed. Attackers have used this method in the past to malicious apps iOS devices install.

To install an app like this, the user must not only indicate that he wants to install the app, but also that he trusts the app developer. A simple process that consists of the two touching buttons. With iOS nine has changed this. Users receive a warning after you install the app on an untrusted developer originated. To use the app, then they should themselves go to settings and there indicate they trust the developer. "Complexity in this case is excellent," said Richardson. Users can namely not so fast 'click' and install the wrong app.

Anti-virus company ESET is particularly enthusiastic about the new two-factor authentication process and the obligation to use a stronger pass code. Users must now specify namely a pass code of six characters. Two-factor authentication is now added directly to the operating system. As a result, according to the ESET much more difficult for attackers to gain access to the Apple ID of users.

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