Saturday, 19 September 2015

Thousands Of Hacked WordPress Sites Spread Malware

Attackers have managed to hack thousands of WordPress sites and use them for distributing malware, including the website of a US security. Before that warns security firm Sucuri. It would now go to 6,000 contaminated sites.

The attacks on the WordPress websites began two weeks ago. The hacked sites placed code that visitors unnoticed a page with the Nuclear-exploitkit late charge. This exploitkit is using known vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player and Internet Explorer users have not patched. Among the hacked WordPress sites are among other Coverity's website, a company dealing with security software.

How the attackers access to the WordPress sites managed to get has not been determined yet, but the attackers seem to create vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins use. Not just forget owners of WordPress flocking to update the software on their website, including updates to installed plug-ins will be forgotten. According to figures from W3Techs is WordPress by 24.4% of all websites on the Internet use.

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