Wednesday, 23 September 2015 Spread Malware Via Infected Adverts

On the very popular website of business magazine Forbes have been infected for some time ads shown to infect visitors with malware tried. state according to market researcher Alexa on the 74th spot of most visited websites in the United States and the 154th place worldwide.

The website is monthly by more than 31 million visited visitors. Those visitors were from 8 to 15 September dished ads so they were undetected to a website with the Angler- and Neutrino-exploit kits. This exploit kits exploit known vulnerabilities include Adobe Flash Player. In case there is no up-to-date software was used silently malware could be installed on the computer, says security firm FireEye.

For what exactly will the malware was not disclosed. The ads were via an advertising service from a third party displayed on the Forbes website. According FireEye use of contaminated advertising remains a popular attack method for criminals.Via advertising platforms, especially those that hold real-time auctions for ad space, attackers can choose exactly where their malicious content is displayed.

In case the infected appear ads on popular websites the chance of massive infection is significantly increased, allowing both users and businesses at risk, according to the security company. After being informed Forbes has removed the infected ads. Last year, even though malware via spread. When attackers used a widget on the website that zero-day vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and Adobe Flash Player attacked.

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