Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Snowden: Encryption Can Hinder Contact With Aliens

Although he is a strong supporter of encrypted communications, the use of encryption make it difficult to capture extraterrestrial signals and communications, says whistleblower Edward Snowden. Snowden recently appeared on Star Talk, the radio show astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who last year with Cosmos: A Space Odyssey Time had a popular television series about the cosmos.

During the interview Snowden showed that extraterrestrial civilizations would encrypt their communications probably just like people do on earth. That could also be the reason that alien communication still not been collected. "If you're an alien civilization trying to listen to other civilizations or our civilization that listens to aliens, there is only a small stage in the development of their society, all of their communications sent via the most primitive and insecure ways," says the whistleblower.

After this, the default message will be encrypted and will not be recognized. According to Snowden could it be that we received extraterrestrial television shows or calls, but it does not differ from cosmic background radiation for us. We would have by not even in that case we hear extraterrestrial communications. "Assuming they not have the same security problems as we have," replied Tyson. The conversation went wide aliens on several other topics. The section on alien communication can be heard from 33:00 minutes.

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