Friday, 18 September 2015

Increase In Brute Force Attacks Against WordPress Sites

WordPress sites get more and more to do with brute force attacks, in which it tries to log in using common passwords on the website. According to figures from security firm Sucuri that brute force attacks keep on WordPress websites.

According to Daniel Cid Sucuri his brute force attacks is still one of the main reasons why websites are hacked. "If you have you have to do with brute force attempts to make an unsecure login page", he tells. Administrators of a WordPress website can according to Cid take various measures against these types of attacks, such as setting captchas, only allowing certain IP addresses (IP whitelisting) and two-factor authentication.

Other WordPress administrators say that the attacks can be prevented simply by changing the URL of the login page and block in the .htaccess / IIS configuration. According to figures from W3Techs is WordPress by 24.4% of all websites on the Internet use. Regular security reports about large numbers of WordPress sites that have been hacked and used to spread malware.

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