Thursday, 24 September 2015

Apple Will Host Xcode In China to Prevent Malware

To new malware in the App Store has Apple decided to prevent the development program Xcode to host locally in China. That Apple chief executive Phil Schiller against the Chinese website announced. Last week showed that infected apps in the App Store had ended.

The apps were infected with the XcodeGhost malware. Several Chinese Xcode developers had downloaded from an unofficial website. Xcode is Apple's official tool for developing apps for iOS or OS X. The version that the developers had downloaded were infected with malware, which also became infected by their developed apps. These apps were then placed in the App Store, where Apple controls the malware did not notice.


For Chinese developers may take a very long time to download the 3GB large Xcode. "In the US there is only 25 minutes to download, in China, it may take three times longer," said Schiller. That is also a reason that Chinese developers are trying to download software through unofficial channels. Apple recommends that developers use Xcode and other development software, only download via the official website.

To make this easier for Chinese developers has now decided to host the development programs locally, so they can be downloaded quickly. Regarding XcodeGhost malware according to Schiller, there are no indications that the infected apps user data forwarded.

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