Saturday, 26 September 2015

Office Documents Favorite Target Attackers

Microsoft Office documents are the favorite target of attackers at companies and organizations know how to break or there for work, according to research (pdf) Intel Security among more than 500 IT professionals to at least one large data intrusion were given to make.

The intrusions are both performed by external attackers as their own staff. 57% of the attack was the work of external attackers. The remaining 43% came in the name of their own staff. In half of these cases, there was set-up, while in the other half of the internal incidents was unintentional. At both internal and external attackers Office documents are the favorite target, followed by .txt and .csv files.

In most cases, the stolen files contain information about customers and employees. A quarter of the data was stolen by "tunneling 'protocols such as FTP and SCP, while 40% of data thefts occurred stolen via physical media. In the latter case, thus organizations are advised to encrypt data.

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